Allow 10 minutes with approximately 3 minutes for each section of the meditation: Body Wise, Heart Wise, and Soul Wise. While the Body Wise practices are gentle, modify any physical instructions to care for your body’s needs. Always honor what feels comfortable and appropriate in the moment. And if you happen to have more than 10 minutes, you are invited to linger…

This exercise is designed to give you a sense of “home,” wherever you are, in our amazing universe.

Body Wise      Stand with your feet about hip distance apart, relaxed but upright with your knees slightly bent. Feel your weight distributed evenly in both feet.  Bend your arms, resting your elbows lightly at your waist, forearms parallel to the floor with palms turned upward. Breathe in, as though you could draw the energy from the heavens into your body through your palms and the top of your head as you gently straighten your legs. As you exhale, turn just your palms downward, directing the flow of the breath down through your body, through your feet, connecting with the earth. Bend your knees slightly on the out-breath. Repeat this breath and movement cycle for three minutes, feeling yourself connecting to heaven and earth. You can do this with your eyes open or closed.

Heart Wise     Just as there are no two snowflakes that are alike, realize there is only one you, with your unique constellation of qualities and gifts. Name three of your particular strengths.  Are you a good listener; have a knack for cooking or mechanics; are you loyal; an athlete; have a good sense of humor; inventive? Your three good characteristics are part of what makes you the one and only you! Pause, and name your strengths now, sensing your unique contribution to this world, especially with the people close to you personally and professionally.

Soul Wise    Consider the simple but astonishing truth: You are flying through space on a mud ball at more than 67,000 miles per hour, in a universe that has a hundred billion galaxies (not stars, but galaxies!) – a hundred billion and counting. Astronomers have discovered that our bodies are literally made of stardust – the very particles of ancient stars that exploded and reformed in you and everything around you. It is estimated that there are five million to one hundred million species on earth.  Imagine the vastness of space. Let this reality be a felt sense within you. Be still, and sense your place, and value, in the family of all things.