Did you know that every carbon atom in our bodies was once blasted from a star? With science confirming that we are indeed stardust, perhaps it becomes a little less clear where we stop and start.

While words are handy when it comes to passing the salt at the dinner table, and the edges of the cup are needed for serving the tea, functioning in an object-oriented world without connecting to the other unitive layers of life desensitizes us to life’s vitality and overemphasizes separation. Not only does it contribute to a life out of balance, but it robs us of some of the most basic wonders of our human experience.


Notice your breath. At what point does it change from being the air around you to your breath—when it enters your body at the tip of your nose, halfway into your nasal passage, when it fills your lungs?

And when does the air around you stop being the sky—when you are in a room? What if the doors and windows are open? When does the sky stop being the space that stretches throughout the universe?

Realize the sky becomes a part of you as the oxygen molecules travel to every cell in your body.

For several minutes, bring awareness to your breath as you release the names and divisions of breath, air, sky, etc. Experience the edgeless living breath, the same one breathed by all beings.

Now allow yourself to “be breathed” by life.