Resilient Self, Resilient Earth

Perhaps this series should be called BEING rather than SEEING, because what we see determines how we live, and how we live impacts our living planet.

Scientists report that we are living in the sixth-extinction on earth. It has been declared an extinction phase due to the current massive loss of species, and it is the only one in which humans are, in large part, the cause. 2012 was the hottest year on record.  

If you are seeking an updated understanding of the environmental crisis, I highly recommend Do The Math by Bill McKibben. It is an excellent, 40 minute scientific, political, and compassionately human summary on video available on YouTube:

The reality of climate change is haunting. I urge you to let the vision in and use every ounce of fear, anger, disgust, sadness, and shock as fuel for mindful advocacy. Hold on tight so that your efforts become a consistent commitment. Your efforts matter. Never has humanity needed each and every one of us to bring forth our unique gifts and talents. It is a call for engaged wisdom.

We need: parents and grandparents lovingly encouraging resiliency in the youth entering into a world in crisis; innovative engineers designing affordable green solutions; energetic lobbyists with integrity and vision; demonstrators whose sheer numbers catalyze change; medical professionals attending to the physical and emotional impacts of our struggling world; teachers nourishing creative thinking in every classroom; individuals passing by those shiny gadgets in the store that aren’t really needed; financial support for those organizations gaining momentum for positive change; prayer and meditation bolstering spiritual strength, clarity, and self-care; writers and artists inspiring and educating; neighbors joining together and creating community gardens. This list is just a tiny part of what it possible and required.

I invite you to, right now and each day, to take three conscious breaths and connect to your resilient self. Feel your home in the global family. Choose how to engage your particular gifts, and act.